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Building permits are generally needed for all construction and remodeling, roofs, siding, windows, plumbing, and mechanical work. Work such as painting, flooring, and installing cabinets do not require a building permit.

Inspections are done to ensure that existing buildings and new construction for residential are aligned with the current Minnesota Residential Building Code and the current Minnesota Building Code for commercial buildings.

Building codes provide minimum standards for safety by regulating and controlling design, construction, quality of materials, use and occupancy, location and maintenance of buildings, structures and certain equipment.

Step One: Review the Requirements

Please contact the Inspections Department to discuss your project and any required paperwork at 507-457-8231.

Step Two: Submit All Forms and Fees

You must submit a building permit application in order to complete any building projects. An affidavit is required only if you do the work yourself.

If hiring a contractor, please make sure that they are licensed. Please see link for Reasons to Hire a Contractor.

The permit and affidavit form can be submitted electronically. You must download the applications and save them to your computer before being able to submit.

Building Permit and Affidavit Form


Required fees for building projects include a building permit fee, a plan review fee, and a state surcharge, all based on the project cost. 

Permits can be paid by check (payable to the City of Winona), cash, or credit/debit card (MasterCard or Visa).

Permit fees will be charged per the following fee schedule effective January 1, 2024, as adopted by the Winona City Council, City Code Chapter 51, Section 51.01.

Fee TypeCost
Building Permit 2024 Building Fees up to $1,000,000. Please call for jobs over $1,000,000. 507-457-8231
Plan Review  (Residential)40% of the building permit fee
Plan Review  (Commercial)65% of the building permit fee
Note: There is an additional state surcharge based on job cost. 

A double permit fee will be added for all work being done without a permit.

Step Three: Plan Review

Plans will be reviewed by the Inspections Department for code compliance and returned in a reasonable amount of time. 

Construction must not begin until the code compliant plans are on site and a permit card is hung in a visible location. 

Step Four: Schedule Inspections

Inspections are required on all permits, and inspection requirements will vary by project. The permit card will have instructions on what inspections are needed and what inspectors will be looking for.

To schedule an inspection, please call 507-457-8231. A four-hour notice is required for all inspections. When calling for an inspection, please provide an address where the work is being done, permit number, type of inspection, name, and phone number.

For new construction projects, the inspector will give you a certificate of occupancy upon completion of the final inspection. You cannot move into a home or occupy a new building until a certificate of occupancy is issued.

Note: Permits expire in 180 days after issuance if no work has been started. Permits also expire if work has started but then is suspended for more than 180 days.

General Reminders

  • For any questions, contact the Inspections Department at 507-457-8231.