Fields & Courts

Softball/Baseball Fields

Bambenek Softball Fields #2-6 are located along East Lake.

Dakota Field is located on the West Lake.

Gabrych Park Baseball Field is located on East 7th Street.

Johnson Field (Field #1) is located along East Lake.

Lions Fields include two smaller fields located near Bud King Ice Arena.

Softball and Baseball Field Calendar

Soccer Fields

Soccer Fields include one larger field (East Field) and one smaller field (West Field).

Lake Park Soccer Field Complex Calendar

Basketball Courts

Outdoor basketball courts for public use are located at East Recreation Center, Knopp Valley Park, Sinclair Park, Sobieski Park, Tillman Park, Valley Oaks, and Wincrest Park.

Tennis Courts (14)

Tennis courts in the following locations:  Bandshell-4, Knopp Valley-2, Wincrest-2, Sobieski-2, Valley Oaks-2, Tillman-1,  Jaybee Drive-1

Lake Park Tennis Court Complex Calendar

Pickleball Courts

The following tennis courts have pickleball courts at this location:  Bandshell, Knopp Valley, and Valley Oak

Field Requests

If you are looking to reserve a field, please fill out the Field Request Form and return it to our Park & Rec Main Office. The Coordinator will review your request and will get in contact with you to make the reservation and take payment.

Equipment Rentals

If you are in need of fun picnic equipment, please complete the Equipment Rental Form, at least 5 days prior to when you need to pick up the equipment. Please call in payment with a credit card to secure the rental of equipment.  Refunds are issued if you cancel your equipment rental at least 5 working days prior to the pick-up date, less a $5 processing charge.  

Field 1
Sinclair Park Basketball Court