Game Cancellations / Weather

Field Conditions

  1. If we have received a significant amount of rain, it is possible some or all fields may not be playable by game time.
  2. If the fields are deemed to be unplayable due to poor conditions, a notice of cancellation will be placed on the Park and Recreation Cancellation Line 507-457-8220) at 4 pm
  3. If it should rain after 4 pm, it will be the umpire’s decision as to whether or not the game will be played. If there is any doubt, show up!
  4. Please refrain from calling the Park and Recreation office, instead call the cancellation line.
  5. If the games are cancelled due to wet conditions, please stay off the fields!

Severe Weather

  1. If severe weather occurs, umpires will suspend the game and make note of exactly where the game left off (score, inning, outs, hitter’s count, runners on, etc…).
    • Umpires may delay the game for up to 30 minutes if it looks like the weather will be passing through.
  2. If the game does not resume, it will be made up at a later date, and subsequent games for the evening also will not be played.

Rescheduled Games

In the event that a rained out or suspended game must be rescheduled, the Recreation Department will do the rescheduling.

One make-up week is built into the end of the regular season schedule to accommodate rainouts. Make-ups may also be added to existing league nights, as 9 pm games or on a different field when possible. If more than 2 weeks of games are rained out, not all games may be able to be made up

Umpire No-Show

In the rare event that an umpire fails to show up for your game, play the game using a mutually agreed upon umpire, call the Recreation Department the next morning with the game score and name and address of the person who umpired the game so they can be compensated.