Report Lost Property


In an effort to assist individuals who have lost property within the City of Winona, the Winona Police Department has enabled citizens to report lost property using the following guidelines:

  • As an official document, any falsifications on the form may result in Criminal Charges for “Filing a False Police Report”.
  • Do not report stolen items or theft complaints on this form. To report stolen items or theft complaints call our dispatch center at 507-457-6492.
  • Lost firearms cannot be reported with this form. In the event of a lost firearm, call 507-457-6492 to make the report.
  • Lost Property is not a criminal action, and therefore will not generate any police follow-up. If lost property is due to a crime being committed, you will need to call 507-457-6492 to make your report.
  • Property lost outside Winona City Limits or last seen outside Winona City Limits may not be reported at the Winona police Department. It must be reported to the agency with jurisdiction for that location.

File a Report

  1. Fill out the Lost Property Report form online. Be as thorough as possible including description of the lost item and a brief explanation of where and how the property was lost.
  2. Submit the form when it is complete.
  3. A copy of your form will be emailed to you; this will be your official police report

Once the form is received by the Winona Police Department, it will be assigned a call for service number.