Central Garage


The Central Garage at 1104 W 3rd Street with a staff of 4 employees is headquarters for maintenance and repair of all city vehicles and equipment and also serves as a base for the Street Department, Airport Maintenance, and Park Maintenance Tree Crew.

This facility also provides a 24-hour access fueling station for the needs of all departments.


In 1972 the City Council and Administration recognized the need to look at the feasibility of constructing a centralized facility which would consolidate all vehicle maintenance and repair under one roof and serve as a base for multiple departments. This facility would also provide heated storage for Public Works vehicles and equipment to maximize response in adverse weather conditions.

Construction on the Central Garage started in May 1974 and was completed in February 1975.

The cost of the 24,000 square foot building including site acquisition and preparation, engineering, architectural fees and construction totaled $628,000.


On August 9, 1975, dedication ceremonies were held at the Central Garage featuring our U.S. Senator Hubert H. Humphrey as the dedication speaker.