Winona Athletic Board


The Winona Athletic Board oversees the care for real estate conveyed to the City of Winona by John A. Latsch. Pursuant to a deed from John A. Latsch to the City of Winona dated December 4, 1917, the Winona Athletic Board was established and given control over several parcels of land to be used as public playgrounds, public parks and areas of general recreation. The Board currently oversees management of the Westfield Golf Course, Athletic Park and Gabrych Park properties.


  •     Variable, depending on need


The Winona Athletic Board consists of seven members who serve seven year terms. The board is overseen by the City Manager (or Designee).

  • Michael Christensen
    Term Expires: December 4, 2022
    Appointed by Mayor
  • Barb Bambenek
    Term Expires: December 4, 2023
    Appointed by School Board
  • Mia Martin
    Term Expires: December 4, 2024
    Appointed by Winona State University
  • James A. Miller
    Term Expires: December 4, 2025
    Appointed by Diocese
  • Janneke Sobeck
    Term Expires: December 4, 2026
    Appointed by YMCA
  • Randy Streukens
    Term Expires: December 4, 2027
    Appointed by Lutherans
  • Michael Voelker
    Term Expires: December 4, 2028
    Appointed by City Council


  • One member appointed by City Council
  • One member appointed by Lutheran Denomination
  • One member appointed by Mayor
  • One member appointed by School Board
  • One member appointed by Winona Catholic Diocese
  • One member appointed by Winona State University
  • One member appointed by YMCA

Membership Criteria

Interest in preservation of recreational properties


Deed from John A. Latsch to the City of Winona dated December 4, 1917.