Fine Arts Commission Awards

The purpose of the FAC award is to identify individuals and organizations that should be recognized for their support and/or contributions to the arts in and around Winona.

2021- Engage Winona, Little Warriors Drum Line, Mike Munson 

2020- Bob Armstrong (Dr. Bob), Lisa Douglas, Ted Haaland, and the Staff of Yarnology

2019-  Mary Farrell, Larry and Colleen Wolner, Mid West Music Fest

2018-  Sheena Gifford-Whitesett,  Sharon Mansur, Minnesota Marine Art Museum

2017-  Vera and Hugh Miller, Dee and George Cipov,  Harry Michell

2016- Home & Community Options, Larry Gorell, Jacob Grippen

2015-  City of Winona Municipal Band, Cherie Harkenrider, Nancy Edstrom-Bachler

2014-  Frozen River Film Festival, Eric Sorensen, Jamie Schell

2013- Boats and Bluegrass, Ed Hoffman, Gaby Peterson

2012-  Sam Brown, Chris Livingston, Winona Symphony Orchestra

2011- Great River Shakespeare Festival, Julia Crozier, Peter Flick

2010- Mary Burrichter & Bob Kierlin, Bernadette Mahfood, Acoustic Café (Jerry and Lois Heymans--owners)

2009- Ron and Diane Stevens, Lynette Power, Saint Mary's University School of the Arts

2008- Emilio DeGrazia, David Echelard, Minnesota Conservatory of the Arts

2007- Maggy Jacqmin & Will Kitchen, Marilyn Brower, James Armstrong

2006- Mary Coughlan, Winona Arts Center (50th Anniversary), John and Pat Lucas, Dr. Daniel Barr

2005 No awards

2004 No awards

2003 James Heinlen, Ben Miller,Jacques Reidelberger

2002 No awards

2001 Herb Hultgren, Vivian Fusillo, Br. Lawrence Walfer

2000- Floretta Murray, Dick Lindner, Stephanie Valencia Kierlin    

Mike Munson

Mike Munson

Little Warriors Drumline

Little Warriors Drum Line

Engage Winona

Engage Winona

Yarnology Staff

yarnology staff picture