Arts and Culture


Winona's Arts and Culture initiatives (WINONArts) are economic development drivers and improve the quality of life for all in the community. These creative efforts exist alongside the City's Entrepreneurship and Outdoor Recreation efforts as the three pillars to drive expansion and ensure livability.

WINONArts fills city spaces and parks with accessible and affordable creative events, implements cultural and creative growth through networking and creating partnerships with existing creatives, and leads the planning and building of a meaningful infrastructure for a strong creative future.

Levee Park Stain Glass Panels Being Built


Dream It

Imagining Winona as a living work of art

Instilling creative thinking in all city planning processes including the current drafting of an arts and culture strategic plan for the city with the Cultural Planning Group as consultants. While the plan is being developed, visit the Winona Arts Strategic Plan's website HERE

Strengthening the creative identity of Winona as an Arts Destination

Create it

Partnering with the Fine Arts Commission and existing organizations and festivals to produce one of a kind experiences for culturally and economically diverse audiences.

Overseeing the building of Creative Hubs throughout the city including a downtown performing arts center 

Grow it

Strengthening all areas of the arts infrastructure

Building on the Arts and Culture Strategic Plan to envision and implement Winona’s creative future

Expanding public art programs

Adding creative elements to future developments and commissioning creative projects