Virtual Live @the Levee Events


We are so excited to be hosting  VIRTUAL Live @the Levee events to safely gather our community and to enjoy each other's company.

Stay tuned for information about the next event. You must sign up to receive a link to the virtual spaces and a password.   

Sign up to attend  HERE

Things to know about Virtual Live @the Levee events:

1.) You must sign up, see link above,  to receive a URL link and a password to attend. 

2.) You will need a laptop computer, desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet, and the program where the virtual Levee Spaces exist works fully on a desktop or laptop only. If you use a phone or tablet (IOS) you will not be able to hear the music concert videos. You will still be able to say hello and meet up with friends. It is still well worth attending by small device, but don't let the lack of music frustrate you. 
3.) This is a community-building event. The spaces are set up to meet and chat with friends, to mingle with those you may not have been able to greet and spend time with safely. They are not meant to be fully immersive concert-going experiences.  The goal is to have conversations with friends new and old. 

4.) This is not just a Zoom experience, it is much more personal and fun.
 Full instructions to use the virtual Levee Spaces can be downloaded HERE

5.) We will offer a chance to explore the space- to practice from 11am to noon on the day of the event. Just use your link and password and log in.

You can watch a video from another organization for instructions to the Spatial Chat rooms like those we will be using  HERE

See you Live @the Levee, virtually!

Feb-20-Virtual-Live-at the-Levee-Poster