Park and Facility Rentals FAQ

How do I reserve a pavilion/shelter or a lodge? You may reserve a facility either on-line or in-person at the Parks and Recreation Department (207 Lafayette St, Winona, MN).  Payment is due in full at the time of the reservation to secure your date.  

Is there a damage deposit? A $100 damage/maintenance deposit in the form of a check (personal or cashiers) is required for all rentals.  No cash or credit cards accepted for damage deposit.  If picking up a key for the reservation, the deposit is due at that time. If no key is needed, the deposit needs to be dropped off with the Park & Recreation Office a few days prior to the event date.  There is a drop box located outside City Hall on the 4th Street side.  Special damage/maintenance deposit rates may apply for Levee Park, Parks, and Special Events: $250, $500, or $1,000. We will notify the renter if one of these amounts is required.

How do I get/return the key for my rental site? If renting an enclosed facility or a shelter that has electrical, there is a key the renter will need to pick-up at the Park & Recreation office.  The key can be picked up before noon (12:00 pm) the day prior to the reservation date, or before noon (12:00 pm) on Friday for weekend rentals.  To return the key, you may drop it off in the Parks and Recreation office or drop it off in the drop-box on the 4th Street side of the building. You will be contacted the week prior of the rental as a reminder to pick the key up.

Can I stay overnight in a lodge? Lodges are daily-use facilities only.  There are no sleeping facilities available.

Can we have a wedding at a park?   Weddings can be held at any of our park facilities.  There are chairs and tables at Sobieski Park Lodge and Holzinger Lodge.  However, if you choose to have a wedding at any of our outdoor spaces, chairs are not provided.

What is the refund policy for cancellation or bad weather? If the reservation is cancelled prior to (5) five business days of the event, a refund will be given minus a $20 processing charge. No refund will be given if the reservation is cancelled for any reason, including weather related cancellations, within (5) five business days of the event. No exceptions.

Can I go into the building before the rental time to set up? As the facility may be rented out before and/or after your use, you may not set up prior to your rental nor go beyond your time for clean-up.  If you need more time, consider reserving a longer length of time or more than one day.

Can I put up a canopy or have inflatables at my site? No staking devices are to be put in the ground for any reason (tents, inflatables, signs, etc.). Items must be weighted only. If damage occurs underground or to irrigation systems during the rental, the renter is responsible for damages.

Is alcohol or smoking allowed in/on city facilities?   Alcohol is not allowed in the East Recreation Center, Friendship Center, Bob Welch Aquatic Center, Lake Lodge Recreation Center, or Bud King Ice Arena.  Alcohol is not allowed in any of the city parks.

No one is allowed to sell alcohol on City premises without appropriate permit(s). If there will be a beer keg on the premises, the renter must obtain a permit from the City Clerk's Office. This can be done after the renter has paid the damage/maintenance deposit with Park & Recreation.

Smoking is not allowed in any enclosed City facility.  No glass containers of any kind are allowed.

What am I expected to do for clean-up after using the facility?   The expectation is to clean-up the space like it was up on arrival.  Broom, mop, and paper towels are provided at enclosed facilities.  Cleaning supplies such as chemicals, soap, etc. must be provided by the renter.  Please look over the space to make sure all doors and windows are locked, lights are off, water faucets are completely turned off and electrical breakers are locked.

Is grilling allowed and are there grills available at my park facility rental site? Grilling is allowed with the renter’s personal grill. Please use caution with hot coals and allow to cool completely.  Do not throw hot coals in any garbage container.  No grills are available in the parks for sanitization reasons.

Who do I contact if I have an issue the day of my rental? For situations that require emergent maintenance assistance on the weekends or after 3:00 pm Monday-Friday, please call the Winona Police Department Dispatch at 507-457-6492. They may need to call out maintenance staff if the renter is not able to gain access to the rental space, if there is an issue with the power/electrical, or if there are other maintenance emergencies that cannot wait until the next business day such as an overflowing toilet, water leaks, etc. Call-out fees may apply for non-emergency related items.

Are decorations allowed? The renter may use items to decorate that are biodegradable or reusable.  Absolutely no plastic flowers, petals, or confetti.  No glitter, confetti, candles with a flame, or silly string allowed indoors.  Any events/parties with small tickets, candy, and prizes must be cleaned up.  No tape or nails to be used on the walls.  No glass is allowed in any of the rental facilities including bottles, vases, etc. 

When is the shelter available for me to use on the day of my event?  All rental spaces are available to you at the start of your rental permit time.  Consider this as you plan your rental.  You may not go to the facility the day/night before to set up as others may have it rented or cleaning/maintenance may need to occur around the rental schedule.

Can I change my rental after I pay for the shelter/lodge and a permit is issued?  If needing to make changes to the reservation such as date, time, or location please contact the Park & Recreation Office at least (5) five business days prior to the event. A processing charge of $10 will be due at the time of each change.

Are there restrictions on catering? There are no catering restrictions during your rental.  It is the renter’s responsibility to coordinate their food pick up/drop off times with their caterer to coincide with their rental agreement terms and timelines.  No food/drinks can be sold without a permit and City Council approval from the City Clerk’s office.

What is included in my rental? Please see each individual shelter/lodge facility information regarding amenities for each rental.

What activities do I need a City permit for? City permits are needed for the following items:  

           Closing streets/sidewalks/parking lots.

           Park closures and race events where utilizing streets, parking lot closures, or park space.

           Food, beverages and liquor sales.   Certain areas need approval to consume alcohol as well.

           Music events, fundraiser or gambling events, any vendor sales.

           Beer kegs at parties/events/rentals.

          Any event request extended past pre-approved open or closure time (most facilities approved to run 8:00am to 10:00 pm)              

         *This list is not all-inclusive list of items requiring council approval*                                                      

If the event requires any special needs that have been preapproved by Council, contact should be made with the appropriate City staff/department at minimum one week prior to the event, Monday-Friday, 8am-Noon (12 pm).

Are there Covid-19 restrictions that need to be adhered to?   The City of Winona follows the guidelines set by the State of Minnesota regarding Covid-19 restrictions.   The renter is responsible keeping up to date on current restrictions/guidelines to follow at the time of the rental.  Items such as hand-sanitizer, masks, etc. will need to be provided by the renter if necessary.