Group Visit

Group Reservations

We request that you notify our office as soon as you have a date in mind for a visit. This will ensure the facility is staffed appropriately.

Please complete the online Group Request form. You will receive an email confirmation within 5 business days of your request being sent. 

Group visits can be scheduled Monday-Friday from 1pm-6pm and/or Saturday and Sundays from 12:30pm-7pm. 


There are three payment options to choose from. Please select the option that will work best for your organization.

  • 100% billed. If you would like to be billed for your visit to the Aquatic Center, we are happy to bill you on a
    monthly basis. Our office will process all group visits to the Bob Welch Aquatic Center around the 1st and 15th of each month. Invoices will be generated and mailed within five business days.
  • 100% paid. If you would like to pay at the time you check-in at the Bob Welch Aquatic Center, we accept cash, check or credit card. The front desk will provide you with a total for your admissions and a receipt. 
  • Membership*. For some of our groups that come weekly, purchasing memberships is a cost saving avenue for them. If using the membership option, we will request the same information at check-in and will require a roster be submitted with the total number of staff and the names of youth participants that are present that day. Since it takes time to check-in several participants, we will allow the group to enter the facility while Aquatic Center staff complete the check-in process as time permits at the front desk. Once all participants have been checked-in, any discrepancies will be reported to group staff. Any student or additional staff member that does not have a membership, the group will be billed for. Groups are encouraged to purchase memberships for staff.

*Please note that each membership (student or staff) is $48. There are no group rates or discounts offered.


Once we have received the date(s) your group wanting to visit the Aquatic Center. A confirmation email will be sent to ensure the right dates/times are selected for your group. Within this email will also be a copy of the Aquatic Centers’ rules for you to review with your group to ensure you have a safe and fun visit.


Upon arrival to the Bob Welch Aquatic Center we ask that one representative from your organization check-in at the main desk. When doing so the rest of the group should remain on the bus or outside the doors. 

The Aquatic Center staff working the desk will ask the representative from your group the following information:

  • Staff member’s name
  • Name of person that scheduled the visit 
  • Total number of adults & youth present
  • Roster of youth in attendance for the day (only if using membership billing) ** See membership billing information 

Once the Aquatic Center staff has complete information they will ask a manager to meet your group at the gate to the right of the main building. The manager will open the gate for your group to enter the facility. This will avoid lines and congestion in the main lobby. Once inside the gate, please pick a meeting spot for your group during the day and enjoy the facility. 

A manager will review the rules before anyone enters the water and will answer any questions with your staff and students. 

Group Rates

Daily AdmissionGroup Daily Admission*Tax exempt Group Daily Admission**Membership***
4 & UnderFreeFreeFreeFree
5-18 Years Old$4.00$3.50$3.26$48.00
19 & Over$5.00$4.50$4.19$48.00

*To receive the group rate, your organization must have 20 or more paid daily admissions in a visit.
**To receive the tax-exempt rate, please confirm we have a current tax-exempt certificate on file with the Park and Recreation office when you schedule your group visit.
 ***Each membership is $48.00, there are no group rates or discounts offered.

Sanitation & Weather Situations

From time to time the Bob Welch Aquatic Center may experience an unexpected delay in opening, partial closure or complete closure. Below are the guidelines staff will use in the event of inclement weather or a sanitation emergency, and how it will impact your group. 


 The air temperature must be 65 degrees for the Aquatic Center to open. If the air temperature does not reach 65 degrees by the scheduled opening time, the Aquatic Center will delay opening. Additionally, if the air temperature drops below 65 degrees while open, the Aquatic Center may close temporarily and/ or close early for the day. 

Inclement weather includes thunder, lightning, and extreme downpours. Should any of these weather conditions arise, the Aquatic Center will either delay opening or temporarily close. When thunder and lightning are present, there is a minimum of a 30 minute closure. The 30 minute time frame resets for each sighting of lightning or audible sound of thunder. 

There are no refunds or complimentary passes for weather-related closings. 

Sanitation Emergencies

 Sanitation emergencies occur when there is fecal matter or stomach contents from vomit in the pool. In following the guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control, the following protocols are in place:

  • Solid fecal matter: ~30* minutes closure from the time chemicals enter the water
  • Loose fecal matter: Closure for the day
  • Vomit with stomach contents: ~30* minutes closure from the time chemicals enter the water
  • Vomit without stomach contents (water): No closure needed

*Closure time is based on chemical levels and will vary based on the situation

If your group has been at the Aquatic Center for less than one hours when a sanitation emergency occurs, complimentary passes will be issued for paid entries only. A group representative will need to check-in with management prior to leaving. 

Information & Cancellation Hotline

 Any time the Aquatic Center has an adjusted schedule, the information & cancellation hotline will be updated. Often inclement weather and sanitation emergencies happen without notice and the Aquatic Center staff’s focus is ensuring the safety of patrons that are in the facility. For that reason, we cannot guarantee notification if there is a closing. The best practice is for your group to check the information & cancellation line prior to traveling to the Aquatic Center. If there is no message or an outdated message that means the Aquatic Center is open regular hours. We encourage you to use this resource. The information & cancellation line number is (507) 457-8220, option 3 for the Aquatic Center.