Comprehensive Plan Update

The City of Winona is updating its Comprehensive Plan, and we need your input!

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The City of Winona is embarking on a major update to its Comprehensive Plan, which was last completed in 2007. Over the next year and a half, city staff and project consultants will be engaging with community members to hear what is important to you about the community today and looking 10-20 years into the future. The result will be a new Comprehensive Plan that provides guidance for decision-making related to future changes and growth in Winona. Equity, technology, and sustainability are key themes that will be incorporated into each aspect of the plan.

 The city wants to create, with the full community, a unified vision of Winona’s future. The plan is an opportunity to identify policies, programs, and projects that will benefit the city for years to come. The plan is also an opportunity to identify our values as members of the Winona community. When we establish what is most important to us, the city and its elected officials can make decisions with real knowledge of what Winona community members value.

 Once it is complete, the Comprehensive Plan will determine how the city and its elected officials approach policy, action and decision-making in the coming years. The plan will create specific, achievable goals that the city and community can work toward in a wide variety of topic areas, from land use to economic development to recreation and arts. You can find a list of topics here

 The Twin Cities-based firm HKGi is the primary consultant on the project. Engage Winona, a local nonprofit organization, is leading engagement and public input.

  1. Carlos Espinosa

    City Planner

  1. Marcia Ratliff

    Director, Engage Winona
    Phone: 507-312-9133