Topics Overview

The City of Winona’s Comprehensive Plan Update will have sections on 12 topics. Ten of them are listed below, and two additional topics will be added based on community input. Approaches to each topic will consider equity, technology, and sustainability as we look toward Winona’s future.

  1. Land use and development
  2. Housing and neighborhoods
  3. Economic development
  4. Environment
  5. Transportation
  6. Historic preservation
  7. Accessible government
  8. Arts and humanities
  9. Parks and recreation
  10. Transformative projects

Winona Engagement Icons_Land Use _ DevelopmentLocated on an island and surrounded by steep bluffs, Winona’s unique setting makes efficient, economical use of land critically important. Winona’s new Comprehensive Plan will update growth recommendations and examine land use both within Winona and immediately adjacent to the city.