Results of Engagement Phase 1

City of Winona Comprehensive Plan Update Engagement Phase 1, from October 2021 to January 2022, was designed to hear from a broad, representative cross-section of Winona. Engagement was led by Engage Winona, a local nonprofit. 

In this phase, we heard from over 2,000 community members using a variety of tools. We hosted community conversations, led targeted outreach to stakeholders and underserved populations, launched online survey tools, and hosted a pop-up booth at community gatherings.  

In Phase 1, Engage Winona asked folks to share their values, issues, and dreams for Winona's future. Over the course of this engagement phase, we: 

  • Connected with more than 2,000 people and collected more than 5,700 unique comments
  • Hosted 7 public community conversation events at a variety of locations across Winona, including in-person and virtual offerings
  • Hosted a pop-up booth with activities at 7 different community events
  • Held more than 55 small-group and individual conversations with key stakeholders including business, nonprofit, education, and healthcare leaders; property owners and developers; faith leaders and more
  • Provided a survey that collected more than 800 responses, with offerings both online and in print at community locations
  • Provided an online map where people left comments on physical locations that stand out or need to be worked on
  • Engaged marginalized and underserved voices through focused outreach to communities, including youth and older adults; refugees, immigrants, and people of color; people experiencing poverty and housing insecurity; people in addiction recovery, and more
  • Directly engaged the business community through multiple events and partnerships, with over 100 business leaders represented in survey and conversation participation 

Below, you’ll find links to reports of what we heard. You can spend some time with the big picture in the summary report, dive deep into themes and values in the full report, and dream big with nearly 400 comments in the appendix. We’ve also included a spreadsheet with the full set of open-ended responses from all questions and engagement methods. 

 As the project continues, we are excited to build on this strong foundation. To get in touch with us, contact or give us a call at 507-312-9133 and we’ll get right back to you. You can also leave anonymous feedback at this form.