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The placement of enhancements in the park system must be compatible with the existing comprehensive park system plan, individual park plans, and/or capital improvement program (CIP) requirements of the City of Winona with the final decision as to location and donation type to be determined by the Parks and Recreation Department and Park Superintendent. Guidelines have been created for sustainable management of site-appropriate amenities so as not to detract from the visual aesthetics of the surrounding natural environment or place an undue burden on the city.  

Tree donations are a welcomed gift at any of our parks. Memorial plaques or other naming designations are not allowed on or near memorial trees. Approved trees are the following: Elm, Flowering Crab, Ginkgo, Japanese Lilac, Kentucky Coffee, Locust, and Service Berry. Trees cost between $300-$400. Tree purchasing is made through Winona Nursery.

Park furniture is a welcomed gift at our parks. Park furniture includes, but is not limited to, park benches and picnic tables. Parks and Recreation staff will contact the donor once the application is received. Naming plaques may be purchased through La Boutique and will be installed at no charge.

If you wish to make a monetary donation, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 507-458-8258. If you wish to make a non-monetary donation, please complete the Park Furniture/Tree Donation Application.