Engagement Phase 2: Vision & Values

Draft Comprehensive Plan Vision and Values Approved


Winona has a new community vision and values statement. The statement is part of the Comprehensive Plan Update project and was approved as a working draft by the Winona City Council on March 21, 2022. 

In fall 2021, Engage Winona asked over 2,000 folks across Winona to share what they value about Winona, along with their hopes and dreams for Winona’s future. Based on the comments received and input from the Comprehensive Plan Update steering committee, a draft 2045 vision and values statement was created. 

 In February 2022, Engage Winona sought additional feedback on the draft from the community with an online survey, and the Comprehensive Plan Update project team created a new draft in March 2022. 

 The vision is a concise, overarching statement of the community’s aspirations for how the city should feel, look, function, and evolve over the next 20 years. The vision reflects the community's core values and provides a foundation upon which to build and evaluate the rest of the comprehensive planning process.

 The Comprehensive Plan Update will create goals for Winona's next 20 years. The project continues throughout 2022 with lots more opportunities to get involved and share input. For more, visit the project webpage.

Statement of vision and values

2045 Vision

Winona is a vibrant, inclusive river city where we are connected with each other and our beautiful environment, and we lead with entrepreneurial spirit and creativity. 

Core value: Livability & Well-being

We value our community services and events that support our overall health and bring us together. We cherish our connections with each other and work toward a future where we all have access to the places we love and feel a sense of safety and belonging.

 Core value: Environment & Recreation

We treasure our natural resources, parks, and trails as a source of enjoyment and recreation activities for all residents and visitors. We will actively preserve, enhance, and increase accessibility to our environment for future generations. 

Core value: Entrepreneurship & Economy

Our entrepreneurial spirit and industrial heritage are the foundation for growth of our robust, diverse economy. We invest in our downtown and other physical assets, and we create the conditions for bold and innovative ideas to flourish. 

Core value: Learning & Culture

We value our diversity of educational offerings, events, and community institutions that support lifelong learning and exploration of arts and culture. We celebrate the contribution of our youth and community members of all ages to our artistic and cultural fabric, and work to empower everyone to thrive in our city. 

Phase 2 Engagement Report

In February 2022, we asked Winona community members to give feedback on the first draft of the vision and values. Below, you’ll find a link to a summary report of what we heard. We’ve also included a spreadsheet with the full set of open-ended responses from all questions. 

Read the summary report(link to pdf)

Read the raw data (link to XLSX)