Portable Audio/Video Recorders - Policy 422

This policy provides guidelines for the use of portable audio/video recording devices by members of this department while in the performance of their duties (Minn. Stat. § 626.8473). Portable audio/video recording devices include all recording systems whether body-worn, hand-held, or integrated into portable equipment.

This policy does not apply to mobile audio/video recordings, interviews, or interrogations conducted at any Winona Police Department facility, undercover operations, wiretaps, or eavesdropping (concealed listening devices).

First Amendment Assemblies - Policy 432

This policy provides guidance for responding to public assemblies or demonstrations.

Use of Force - Policy 300

This policy provides guidelines on the reasonable use of force. While there is no way to specify the exact amount or type of reasonable force to be applied in any situation, every member of this department is expected to use these guidelines to make such decisions in a professional, impartial, and reasonable manner (Minn. Stat. § 626.8452).

Stardards of Conduct - Policy 319

This policy establishes standards of conduct that are consistent with the values and mission of the Winona Police Department and are expected of all department members. The standards contained in this policy are not intended to be an exhaustive list of requirements and prohibitions but they do identify many of the important matters concerning conduct. In addition to the provisions of this policy, members are subject to all other provisions contained in this manual, as well as any additional guidance on conduct that may be disseminated by this department or a member’s supervisors.