Does the protection plan cover private wells?

The City of Winona has also identified private wells that fall within the wellhead protection area. A side benefit of the Wellhead Protection Plan is that it not only protects the municipal water supply wells, but it will also help protect private wells.

Private well owners are encouraged to obtain educational information about how to best manage their wells. The Minnesota Department of Health has a website that contains much useful information for well owners including a Well Owner’s Handbook.

 If you are interested in having the water in your private well tested, more information can be found at the Winona County Soil and Water Conservation District’s website

If you currently have a well on your property that is not being used, you are required by law to seal that well or obtain a special permit to keep it open. If you need to seal your well, it must be done by a well contractor licensed in the State of Minnesota. There are numerous grant and cost-share opportunities to pay for well sealing costs. Contact Winona’s Public Works Department (507) 457-8269 for more information on possible upcoming well sealing grants.


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