What are the home-based business zoning requirements?

Office-Based Occupations

Professional offices in the residence of a physician, dentist, lawyer, etc.  are allowed, with provisions. One such provision is that only one person that does not reside on the premises may be employed. Aside from licensed daycare facilities, the use shall be designed to serve only one client at a time. Also exclusive of licensed daycare facilities, not more than one half of the floor area of one floor of the principal dwelling shall be devoted to the professional use.

The professional use must be established in accordance with applicable local and state licensing requirements.

Home-Based Occupations

Customary home occupations, such as handicrafts, dressmaking, millinery, etc. are allowed, provided that such occupations shall be conducted exclusively by resident occupants and that no more than one quarter of the area of one floor of the dwelling shall be used for such purpose. There are several conditions:

  1. No structural alteration or constructions involving features not customarily found in dwellings shall be made
  2. One unlighted sign with a maximum area of two square feet in area and attached flat against the building shall be permitted
  3. No mechanical or electric equipment that will interfere with TV or radio reception or affect the health and safety of area residents shall be used
  4. The use shall not emit any noise, air pollution, fumes or odors that are not customary for a residence
  5. The use shall not generate or dispose of any liquid effluent other than household waste
  6. If not connected to public sewers, the use shall not generate waste exceeding the design standards for residential use under current building codes for new construction
  7. The use shall not include the outside storage of supplies, materials or equipment

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