What do I need to know about putting up a fence?
  1. Permits are not required in most cases (please call Planning/Zoning at 507-457-8250 to verify). If fences are over 7 feet or more, a variance may be required.
  2. Determine your property lines by contacting a surveyor.
  3. You may put your fence up to, but not on the property line. On street sides, it must be at least one foot back from the sidewalk.
  4. Fences may be up to 6 feet high in the rear (non street side) and up to 4 feet high  in the front or street sides of lot. In business and industrial zoning districts, fences may be up to 8 feet in the rear yard.
  5. For corner lots, please call the Inspections Division at 507-457-8231 as the height regulations and setbacks differ. In any R-district on any corner lot, no fence shall be erected or maintained within 8 feet of the corner (the point of intersection of the right-of way lines), which interferes with traffic visibility across the corner.
  6. Placing the “nice” side toward the neighboring lot is a courtesy to neighbors, however, there is no code to require this practice.

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