I am not sure I should sewer this material. What should I do?

Never sewer anything that is highly flammable or explosive. Never allow mercury, or other toxic materials, to enter the sewer. Most potentially dangerous chemicals have labels, Material Safety Data Sheets, or accompanying literature that states whether or not the material is sewerable. Follow those instructions when they are given.

If the literature advises you to call the local sewer authority for permission to sewer a given material, please call us at 507-457-8207.

If there is any question in your mind as to whether or not you should sewer something, do not sewer the material without talking to us first. Thinking carefully before sewering materials will help to protect public safety, prevent upsets at the Wastewater Treatment Plant, and protect the water quality of the Mississippi River. Think about the potential danger of sewering a substance that will produce a dangerous gas in light of the fact that the atmosphere in the City sewer lines can migrate into facilities under certain conditions.

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