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Every Child's Dream Playground

Subfacility of Lake Park

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Overview by ISG 


ISG partnered with stakeholders to bring an inclusive playground to the City of Winona. Aptly named “Every Child’s Dream,” the playground provides a space for children of all ages and abilities to play.


With a lack of accessible playground equipment in the City, the local Lions Club fundraised over $700,000 to put towards the implementation of an inclusive recreational space to provide an essential amenity for the community.


ISG teamed up with the City of Winona, local Lions Clubs, and Webber Recreational Design to renovate and expand on Lake Park’s existing playground to construct the City’s largest playground to date. Accessing the over 16,000 square feet of accessible play equipment is made possible for all ages and abilities by the No-Fault Safety Surface, a multi-colored, slip-resistant, poured-in-place rubber surface. The fluid play surfacing layout serves as a nod to nearby Winona Lake and artistically separates the play spaces for younger children from higher-traffic areas. The area is fully surrounded by a concrete walk and landscape features with various pockets of small group seating areas for picnicking and relaxation. The small accompanying parking lot was also renovated to improve access to the enhanced portable restroom facility on site.

Key Points

-16,000 square feet
-Accessible play equipment
-Poured-in-place rubber surfacing
-Fluid layout for artistic separation of spaces
-Maximized budget with the use of existing and new equipment