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Commercial Use Authorizations (CUA)

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  2. Commercial Use Authorizations (CUA)
    Conducting Business on City Park Land
  3. Thank you for considering the operation of a business in a City of Winona Park. Parks provide people with opportunities to connect with each other, experience nature, and to recreate. With that understanding, at times there may be opportunities for businesses to use park properties to enhance the user experience or to fulfill a community need.
  4. Some examples of businesses include: arts & craft classes; concerts, business meetings, fitness classes, food concessions, personal sports coaching, and tournaments.
  5. To start the process, please fill out this questionnaire to describe your proposed business and we will help you refine the concept and answer your questions.
  6. It is important to know that it is unlawful for a person to use a park, recreation facility, or trail to provide private lessons or classes for commercial gain or to otherwise use a park or recreation facility or trail as a place for conducting business unless that person has an agreement with the city or has obtained the appropriate permit to use the park, recreation facility or trail for commercial purposes.
  7. All businesses operating in a park must pay a fee for the use of public property. *Fees charged are either a percent of gross receipts with an annual required minimum or a negotiated flat fee. Larger businesses are usually charged a percentage of their annual gross receipts while smaller businesses are usually charged a flat fee.
  8. *NOTE: No fees will be charged for the use of park space or facilities that are not on the current facility rental list for the rest of year 2021. Rental fees will be charged for publicly rentable facilities (ex. Bandshell fields Levee Park, lodges, shelters, pavilions, Rose Garden, Windom Park.)
  9. The following parks, recreation facilities, and trails are held as publicly available rental sites and not approved for commercial use: Bambenek Fields 1-6; Bandshell; Bandshell Tennis Courts 1-4; Bandshell-Grass Area East & West; Bluff Side Park; Bob Welch Aquatic Center; Bud King Ice Arena; Central Park Event Space; Dacota Field; Dakota Room; East Recreation Center; Friendship Center; Gabrych Park; Garvin Heights Park; Hiawatha Valley Marine Shelter; Masonic Theater; Holzinger Lodge; Holzinger Trail System; Jaycee Shelter; Kiwanis Shelter; Lake Lodge Recreation Center; Lake Park Complex; Lake Park Path East & West; Lake Park Soccer Fields East & West; Levee Park Cal Fremling; Levee Park East Parking Lot; Levee Park Patio/Plaza; Lions North & South Ballfields; Lions Shelter; Meeting Rooms at City Hall; Prairie Island Dog Park; Rose Garden; Sobieski Park Lodge; Tillman Lodge; Unity Park Valley Oaks Field; Valley Oaks Shelter; Veterans Memorial Park; West Recreation Center; Windom Park.
  10. Liability Insurance Coverage
    The Licensee shall, at its expense, maintain in effect liability insurance with limits not less than the maximum liability limits for a municipality as provided in Minnesota Statutes, Section 466.04; the City of Winona shall be named insured. No vendor or operator shall be allowed to set-up operations until the Licensee has verified that the vendor or operator has the required general liability insurance coverage.
  11. Electrical Use
    The business will be responsible for paying for the costs of electricity used in conjunction with the operation.
  12. Maintenance/Alteration of Premises
    During the event, the business shall keep the premises in a sanitary condition and free from refuse. The business shall be responsible for the repair of any damages to the premises resulting from its use. The business shall not be permitted to make any alterations to the premises without the prior written consent of the City. On termination of the operation, the business shall at its own expense restore the premises to the condition they were originally in. No staking of any kind is allowed, tents are only approved if weighted.
  13. Businesses are expected to reapply each calendar year.
  14. Describe your proposed business:
  15. You are required to maintain and provide liability insurance with limits not less than the maximum liability limits for a municipality as provided in Minnesota Statutes, Section 466.04 that specifically names the City of Winona as additionally insured. Attach certificate here.
  16. Thank you for completing this form.
    A representative will contact you to discuss your plan.
  17. City of Winona, Parks and Recreation
    207 Lafayette Street, Winona, MN 55987, (507) 457-8258,,
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