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Donation Request Form

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  2. Donation Request Form
  3. Please read carefully before submitting a request.
  4. We strive to support other organizations committed to similar goals by making our resources or facilities available when possible. One way that we give back is by offering donations in the form of programs or memberships that can be gifted to others or sold as an auction fundraiser. The extraordinarily large number of requests received each year means that we are unable to meet all requests and so the following policies and procedures have been established in order to assist as many as possible.
  5. Eligibility
    The City typically donates to other 501(c)3 non-profit organizations or organizations working to raise funds for a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.
  6. Types of Donations
    The City is unable to make cash contributions. The City will contribute limited memberships and services, such as memberships, program registrations, etc. The City may also grant facility usage to groups performing community service in our community, based on availability.
  7. Restrictions
    All donations made by The City are intended for the sole benefit of the non-profit organization to or for which the donation was made. The resale or re-purposing of any donation by the organization or the winner of such a donation is strictly prohibited without the prior approval of The City and will nullify the donation.
  8. Making A Request
    An online request form should be completed and submitted at least 20 business days prior to the event. Incomplete submissions may not be considered. Please include links to any material or information that documents the event or activity. Requests must be submitted via the online form only. E-mail, telephone, or in-person requests will not be given consideration. Please refrain from calling The City to check on the status of a previously requested donation.
  9. Notification
    You will receive notification regarding your donation request within two weeks of receipt.
  10. Information
    For more information, please contact Winona Parks and Recreation at (507) 457-8258.
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  18. Thank you and good luck with your event!
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