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If I were Mayor for a Day Essay Contest

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  2. If I were Mayor for a Day Essay Contest

    To participate in the Mayor for a Day Essay Contest, individuals must be a K-12 student who resides within the #861 School District boundaries (public, private, home-school) and have completed the essay on their own (in their own words). Essays should be appropriate to the grade level. Approximations are one to three sentences for grades K-4, three to five paragraphs for grades 5-8, and three to seven paragraphs for grades 9-12. Essays should be submitted by February 22, 2022. 

  3. Mayor Sherman will select the winning essays based on creativity and originality. Some concepts to consider are recreation and parks, diversity and inclusion, affordable housing, and economic development.

  4. One winner from each grade will receive a summer membership to the Bob Welch Aquatic Center and have their essay displayed at City Hall and the Winona Public Library. One chosen essay will be published in the Winona Post and Minnesota Cities Magazine and the writer will be sworn in as Mayor for the Day. 

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