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Special Event Application


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    2. City of Winona Department of Parks and Recreation
    3. Special Event Guidelines
      This form is designed to assist event planners and City Staff toward creating a successful event. This document does not constitute approval or make guarantees in any manner.
    4. Instructions for completing
      After submitting all forms, your application will be reviewed by department staff. You will be notified if the event has been approved. Do not assume that all aspects of the event will be approved; you may be asked to make changes to your plan based on the availability of services and scheduling of other events. Therefore, do not make any arrangements for your event until approval from the city has been received.
    6. 1. Complete this event information form and submit to Park Rec.
    7. 2. Contact Park Rec to discuss event details and logistics.
    8. 3. Park Rec staff will forward a department review sheet to various city departments for final review and approval.
    9. 4. Depending on the type of event, the applicant may be required to obtain additional permits or licenses and present to City Council.
    10. 5. Upon final approval and review by the City of Winona, a permit is issued and includes certain conditions and/or restrictions for which the applicant will be responsible to meet.
    13. Describe your prevention strategy to reduce the spread of COVID-19 during your planned activity.