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Volunteer Application

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  2. Volunteer Application
  3. Please complete the items below to be considered as a volunteer for a program sponsored by the City of Winona. All persons volunteering for the City of Winona Park & Recreation Department (WPR) must complete a Volunteer Application in order to be considered as a volunteer for the department. Individuals may be asked to complete an Informed Consent Form (background check) in addition to the Volunteer Application, based on the type of volunteer duties to be performed. If a background check is determined to be required, no volunteer hours may be completed until the background check process has been completed. Where applicable, volunteers will complete a basic orientation and training meeting with City staff prior to engaging in volunteer hours. Any personal injury that occurs while volunteering for the City of Winona should immediately be reported to City staff. Volunteers must agree to represent the Winona Park & Recreation Department in a professional manner. Upon receipt of application, staff should be in contact within one week.
  4. Friendship Center contact
    Malia Fox
  5. Parks and Recreation contact
    Patrick Menton
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    See volunteer description page for more details.
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