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Youth Sports Evaluation

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  2. Winona Park & Recreation- Youth Sports Evaluation
    We are pleased to have your child participating in our youth sports program! Our goal is for each child to learn the fundamentals of the game, develop self-esteem, and have fun!
  3. We are always looking for new ways to improve our program and your opinion provides valuable information. Please take a few moments to complete this evaluation and give your comments about the program.
  4. Thank you!
  5. Please select your child(ren)'s program*
    Select multiple if answering for more than one child.
  6. Please Evaluate the Objectives of the Program
  7. Your child(ren) had fun!*
  8. Your child learned the fundamentals of the sport (catching, throwing, batting, etc.).*
  9. Your child learned the rules of the sport.*
  10. There was equal participation among players.*
  11. Your child's skills were developed further*
  12. Please Evaluate the Organization of the Program
  13. Schedules*
  14. Picture Day*
  15. Makeup of Team (balance, etc.)*
  16. Usefulness of Parent Packet*
  17. Please Evaluate the Coaches
  18. Knowledge of the Game*
  19. Knowledge of proper coaching techniques*
  20. Appropriate drills and practices*
  21. Provision of positive feedback*
  22. Enthusiasm*
  23. Developed good rapport with participants*
  24. Communication with children*
  25. Communication with adults/parents/guardians*
  26. Organization of practices/drills/games*
  27. Future baseball/softball programs
    We would like to gauge interest from families in participating in the Winona County League next year. League is a recreational level of play for 8U-14U baseball and 10U-12U softball. Commitment includes up to 2 games per week in June and July. Away games would be 15-35 minutes away, and there is the possibility for one end-of-season weekend tournament. Practices would be held before the season starts and on bye weeks. The reason for considering the change is to provide more opportunities for the participants to play in live games.
  28. Please select if you would be interested in any of the following County League options next year:
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